Serial Connection using Hyperterminal

For the intial configuration of some Intelligent Instrumentation's products with an Ethernet interface, it is necessary to configure settings through the COM port using a terminal program and a null-modem serial cable.

In many cases the Hyperterminal program that comes with Windows is used to make these configuration settings.

There is an issue with Hyperterminal that hampers a successful communication between the computer and our product (see this article from the Microsoft Knowledge Base).  This is easily solved, and and the steps to do so are easy and only have to be done once.

When starting Hyperterminal and creating a new session, you need to enter the communication parameters (9600 Baud, no parity, 1 stob bit, no handshake). But rather than utilizing these setting, the Hyperterminal software starts communication in Auto-Detect mode, which causes the transmitted data to be corrupted. If typing the same letter multiple times, each second character will be wrong. Due to that, the string to enter the command mode in our products (@@@@) will not be recognized.

In order to fix this problem, click on "Disconnect" before typing characters in the Hyperterminal window. Then click "Connect" to establish a communication. In the status bar at the bottom of the windows the communication parameters will change from "Auto Detect" to 9600-N-1

When saving the session on closing Hyperterminal, the settings will be remembered, so the above steps need to be done only once for each new Hyperterminal session.

This problem is not specific or limited to our products, it also occurs when connection two PCs together with Hyperterminal. The problem exists in Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP.

Hyperterminal shows "Auto-Detect" even if the communication parameters have been manually set. Follow the steps above once to override and communicate correctly.

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