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Emerson Collective

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Emerson Collective

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Emerson Collective: Empowering social change

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The 1-2 Punch Every Creative Agency Needs

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Diverse collaboration helps creative companies win.
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Emerson Collective is a group of philanthropists, investors, and social change-makers working to remove the barriers in society that hold people back from reaching their full potential. They empower partners that are tackling core social issues such as education, immigration and innovation.
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We devised a flexible and comprehensive branding system, which applies a unique color palette to individual Campuses.
Tim Kamerer, Associative Creative Director
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The Google I/O Developer audience wants to be blown away by new technology on the web, but they also want to dig in and see how everything works. This means the I/O experiments are a little different. For one, every year we Open Source the experiment to allow developers to explore and even modify it. In the past, developers have taken it upon themselves to build massive functional Rube Goldberg machines that look like pixel art logos. They've discovered "commented out code" which unlocks new functionality. And, they've tracked down Chrome Developer Console jokes in code, rather than actually wait for them to appear during the experience.

This is an internal link; so, as we were building the experiment, we had to remember that obfuscation is not always the best approach. We built a single, serializable data structure that contains as much visual and interactive information as we could fit in. Then, we made sure developers could save their state to a URL and reload it on another device. Finally, we posted the encoding document on GitHub to allow developers to see the data structure, tweak it, and hopefully share new variations. This is an external link? Feel free to add 100. Want to make a picture instead of play the guitar? You can setup a massive pixel grid. Want to learn way too much about Hexagon math? Well, get ready. Want to activate Cat Mode? Well, you'll just have to figure that out on your own.

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We have sent photography and video teams to Campuses, such as London, Tel Aviv and Seoul, to capture what makes each Campus unique.

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It should be mentioned here that Tesla’s namesake, Nikola Tesla also worked for Thomas Edison and their relationship is well documented. Tesla was a different kind of inventor-engineer and the two became rivals. Edison was a tinkerer. Tesla was efficient and logical. Their competition, the Battle of the Currents— AC vs. DC—changed the way we power pretty much everything, including the electric Car. (Tesla’s technology is built around AC.)

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  • 9 Short Films
  • Lifestyle & Product Photography 
  • Copywriting: Site Copy & Product
  1. 9 Short Films
  2. Lifestyle & Product Photography 
  3. Copywriting: Site Copy & Product
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