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Anti-process at Instrument

We recently hosted July’s PDX Digital PM meetup and shared Instrument’s “anti-process” as the theme for the event. As Executive Producer Amie Pascal (the evening’s facilitator) emphasized, “anti-process” doesn’t mean chaos. It’s an intentional lack of a defined, singular process and instead requires a creative approach in which producers and teams choose how best to work based on the needs of each project and every situation.

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Music for your work week #1

Let an Instrumenter take you on a musical ride through one of their playlists. Here is “Dusk” by Rhienna Guedry, Interactive Producer and DJ: 

The playlist of summer is dusk in pastels, iced Americanos, bike rides and the smell of roses. This is summer 2015—saccharine sweet, and slightly slow as we dance toward autumn.

Listen to “Dusk” by Rhienna Guedry

A happy hour for women in digital

We are a proud sponsor of the Ladies' Night series, a happy hour and networking event for women in digital.

RSVP will open at 4pm today on for the upcoming event, Tuesday July 21st. 

Feast your eyes on the new ChefsFeed app

We want to reintroduce you to ChefsFeed—a food app that is redefining how we find restaurants, by focusing on real chef recommendations and dishes instead of a massive audience of anyone-can-reviews. We partnered to design a fresh look and feel for the brand that includes messaging and a rebuilt iOS app to better serve their loyal audience of local chefs and their fans.

Among the app updates, chefs can now connect with their peers and build their influence in their city and beyond. Eaters can build wishlists and share what they ate with friends. 

Eat up: download the new ChefsFeed app and explore it for yourself! 

Level Up: App Camp 3.0

Recently, Instrument made a “Community Supporter” donation towards App Camp for Girls, an organization that pushes young women into the world of software by teaching them how to make apps. We’re stoked that with the help from people and organizations around the country, the group’s crowdfunding campaign App Camp 3.0 successfully reached their $100,000 goal. 

We believe in encouraging the next generation of developers, designers, producers and strategists. This means contributing towards programs that support and increase diversity and inclusion in the tech and design world.

For more on App Camp for Girls go here.

Images via @appcampforgirls

Emoji defined 📖

“Emoji is like rhubarb pie: either you get it and kind of love it, or it just seems a bit off and weird to you.”

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Google Slash Design Accessibility

We at Instrument recently helped Google design and develop a new iteration of the website. One of the biggest challenges in this project was making sure both the design and development met the WCAG 2.0 AA level of accessibility for people with low vision or those using any assistive technology.

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Welcome to the new Stumptown is live. The quest to teach the world to brew the perfect cup of coffee continues with an e-commerce site, completely rebuilt and simplified using the freshest technology and content available. Our goal was to keep coffee-cionados close to the cup with nine beautiful, informative brew guides featuring members of the Stumptown family showing viewers in real time how to get the most from every sip.

Won’t you take me to Stumptown?

Meet the McFlys: A survey in current home automation

My first exposure to the home of tomorrow was Back to the Future II. Marty and Doc hop in the DeLorean to Marty’s future den and witness voice-controlled appliances, AGR headsets, a robotic greenhouse and a food/pizza hydrator. Today, many of these once-fictional devices are ready to connect. This survey explores how the automated home plays out for three households: Baby boomers, Gen X and Gen Y with a focus on security, environment, personal health, fitness and hobbies. Within these categories we’ll cover gadgets and gizmos that work together to improve the home lives of each generation. 

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