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For daring founders and legendary companies

“We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?” —Steve Jobs

Apple. Google. Airbnb. These companies were mere startups before they partnered with Sequoia. This Silicon Valley venture capital firm has a mission of helping daring founders build legendary companies. They asked us to build them a site worthy of their vision and the impact their partnerships have had on the world.

We refreshed Sequoia’s digital presence, delivering a new CMS, brand photography and illustration. The result is a site that inspires as well as prepares prospective entrepreneurs by telling the provocative stories behind the companies they’ve worked with as well as showcasing what a partnership with Sequoia really means.

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Photo: Larry Page of Google / Illustration by Mike McQuade for Sequoia

Beware of easy work

Do you know an art or design student? You might see them hauling pads of newsprint on the train or sleep-deprived and toting bags overloaded with art supplies. 

Associate Creative Director Matt Sundstrom shares advice he wishes someone told him when he was an art student at Rhode Island School of Design. 

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S'more work for Google

On Tuesday, Google announced two Nexus phones and their newest, and sweetest, Android OS yet—Marshmallow. We supported the big ol’ gooey updates with freshly designed and coded pages for Android and Nexus. Check them out below.

You can pre-order the new phones today and they will ship late October. As sweet as they look, please do not attempt to eat the phones or any device running Android Marshmallow. 

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    See the new Nexus 6P
    See the new Nexus 5X
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The Wonderful World of Creatures & Code

Code is arguably the most important language of the 21st century and kids should learn it early, like their ABCs and 1-2-3s.

That’s why Amie Pascal (Executive Producer at Instrument) and her wife, Heather Petrocelli, wrote ”The Wonderful World of Creatures & Code.” It's a fun, relevant children’s book that introduces kids to a diverse world of code through quirky creatures, memorable rhymes, fun illustrations and cute kids. The book colorfully illustrates 26 essential HTML tags and fundamental code elements used in making websites—and is full of “insider” references that developers and engineers will appreciate.

Help fund ”The Wonderful World of Creatures & Code” so it can be printed, and play a part in diversifying the tech industry by making code accessible to all kids, and even adults. 

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XOXO 2015

XOXO is a special type of gathering. It’s a festival of like-minded makers—art, music, games, technology, film, storytelling and more. It morphs and evolves year by year, becoming more diverse, more indie, more social, more family friendly. It listens and actually reacts to concerns over harassment and safety. 

XOXO has an independent spirit that attendees foster and take pride in. This speaks volumes for the brands and companies who choose to patronize the festival. 

We've gathered some thoughts from other Instrument folks who attended. Click through to read more. 

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Launching eBay's new app

eBay created a mobile app for a new generation of users and we launched it. We helped them push the evolution of their brand through a marketing site and videos that highlight the app.

The site explains the app’s new features through crisp product photography and responsive animation. Our videos show the functionality and stunning UI for prospective users.

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Instrument + XOXO Happy Hour


Join Instrument for happy hour and get a glimpse of the future XOXO Outpost

We will also be hosting an electronic art showcase titled “1010” featuring works from local creative coders: Church of RobotronLumenal CodeC.A.R.D.S.PDX Creative CodersSurya BuchwaldDarius KazemiJosh MichaelsJeremy Rotsztain, and Mike Walczyk.

FOR ENTRY: Show your XOXO badge at the door. All others please send names by Thursday 9/10 to 

RSVP does not guarantee access. Arrive early. 21+  

Are we there yet? 5 things road trips can teach us about UX

It’s road trip season again and if you’re in a modern car, technology has moved in to make it easier and more enjoyable. Google is rolling out Android Auto, Apple has CarPlay, Microsoft has Windows Embedded Automotive, and Tesla has perhaps the loveliest display of them all. However, the dynamics of traveling with family haven’t changed.

Associate Creative Director Matt Sundstrom shares 5 things that road trips can teach us about UX.

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Emerson Collective: Empowering social change

Emerson Collective is a group of social change-makers working to remove the barriers in society that hold people back from reaching their full potential. They empower partners that are tackling core social issues such as education, immigration and innovation.

We helped Emerson Collective reach a larger audience by reimagining their website, crafting a social strategy, and creating a homepage video that highlights three of their partner organizations. Their new digital presence shows the vibrancy and hopefulness behind the work Emerson Collective supports and the progress they’re enabling within each issue.

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Instrument at SxSW Interactive

Instrument has thrown its hat in the ring to speak at SXSW Interactive next March. Acceptance into the festival is partially determined by public voting via the SxSW Panel Picker, so we need your help to get us there! The sessions we've submitted for consideration: 

How Stumptown Roasted the Coffee Industry

Feeding the Social Conversation: ChefsFeed

“Anti Process” — Throw Away the Red Tape

A Programmer's Guide to DeProgramming

How to vote: Simply sign in and cast your vote by giving our panels a “thumbs up.” We hope to see you in Austin! 

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