Anti-Process at Instrument

We recently hosted July’s PDX Digital PM meetup and shared some aspects of Instrument’s “anti-process” as the theme for the event. As Executive Producer Amie Pascal (the evening’s facilitator) emphasized, “anti-process” doesn’t mean chaos. It’s an intentional lack of a defined, singular process and instead requires a creative approach in which producers and teams choose how best to work based on the needs of each project and every situation.

The panelists were Instrument producers Rocky Puntney, Casey Castro, Evan Davies, and Kate Wolf. The talk was broken down into six topics within the idea of “anti-process:”

1. Teams

Instrument’s teams operate in unique ways, with distinct project approaches tailored to the team dynamic and client specifics.

2. Go In-Depth

Producers at Instrument are more than just facilitators, driving the work with critical thinking and creative methods. Producers expertly balance team, client, and project needs all at once, with the work guiding the process rather than the process guiding the work.

3. Adaptability

Producers and project teams constantly shift their ways of working to solve problems, with new approaches emerging from experience and group consensus.

4. Collaboration

Everyone at Instrument understands and appreciates what it takes to do each other’s jobs, and how people work together is not bound by strict job descriptions.

5. Challenges

Instrument producers can’t hide behind process. Producers always have to be on their game, ready to challenge, adapt, and push hard for the best work. With a lot of smart, talented people on each project, it is the producer’s job to shepherd projects, help the team make decisions, and keep things moving.

6. Special Sauce

Some parts of being a great producer at Instrument can’t be taught, but are instead baked into who we are. Ultimately, caring about your work and about who you work with are the most important aspects of working at Instrument.

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Written by Adam Edgerton, Senior Producer