Five Favorite Google I/O 2015 Moments

A recap of some of our favorite announcements and sessions at this year's conference.

Dan Schechter, Creative Director:

Photos App - Totally killer and was one of the biggest product announcements at I/O. It brings AI to your photos in a new way, harnessing Google’s computing powers, experience with computer vision, and user-centric search.

New tools! The Device metrics tool is a pretty great effort to provide an authoritative collection of guidelines for adaptive design across a broad variety of digital interfaces. Zachary Gibson from Google Design gave a good run-through of their new grid specs too, which will be a huge help in bringing material design to desktop as well as mobile devices.

Engineering for the Stratosphere - This was a panel session on Project Loon, sponsored by Google’s Women Techmakers project. I love Project Loon. It’s so great that the bleeding edge of tech and access to tech hangs from technology as old as a balloon. It’s also a great example of smart and achievable solutions with huge impact – the good vs. the perfect.

Amie Pascal, Executive Producer:

Jacquard is all the rage! Designers and developers can make clothing, furniture and objects into interactive surfaces that are touch and gesture sensitive. These interactive textiles can also be manufactured with existing equipment found in mills today.

Alex Mahan, Senior Developer:  

Polymer 1.0 was announced and it’s production ready! Check out the Polymer Starter Kit and this video on making web components accessible.