Goodbye Outpost, Hello One North

Four years ago, a fire convinced us to move into an industrial building we've called the Outpost. This former WWII ship-building hangar taught us a lot about collaboration and making a little go a long way. It also helped shape the vision for our ideal permanent workspace.

This November, we’re moving into our new North Portland home. We designed the 30,000-sq.ft. space with an eye on one big concept: collaboration—between employees and with our clients.

In our new studio, a wide variety of spaces support a diverse range of working styles. We created an environment where people can move seamlessly between solo and collaborative work. Large stand-up tables and lounge areas let groups break away from their desks. Bar seating and cubbies give individuals places to focus, while enclosed meeting rooms are designed for group video conferencing and whiteboarding. Lastly, our photo and video production studio allows us to have full control over the content that we create for our clients, every day.

"We infused our passion for innovation and technology into a space that is smart and that allows us to be smarter about how we work."
JD Hooge, Partner & CCO

We infused our passion for innovation and technology into a space that is smart and that allows us to be smarter about how we work. The new Instrument office also exemplifies our dedication to design and our emphasis on form and function. If that weren't enough, it’s the city’s first timber-framed office building constructed in the last century, and we think that’s pretty neat.

The Boise-Eliot community we’re moving into has changed a lot in past years. And we will work to be good neighbors. Working with local organizers and businesses, we’re going to open our doors to the community for cultural and creative events in the new space. And since most of us at Instrument live in east Portland and know that parking can be a pain, we have tons of bike storage to keep some cars off the road.

This project has taken a village, from the architects and developers to the artists and fabricators, to carry it out. But there’s a common thread: we’re all dedicated to smashing together ideas and working hard to make the impossible possible. We're confident that our new home, outfitted for collaboration on the highest level, is going to help us build our best work yet.

Partners: Karuna Properties II, Holst Architecture, Hammer & Hand Construction, Osmose Design, R&H Construction, Froelich Engineers, McKinstry, Pingree Northwest, Kartini Clinic, Eliot Neighborhood, New Seasons Market, Life Change Christian Center, Metro