Meet Our New Director of Human Development — Sohail Coelho

Humans evolve and change. That includes our humans, the ones that inhabit these halls at Instrument. As evolution is the natural order of all things, we inherently want to support change in all of our employees. We are truly excited about what the future will bring with a more articulate focus in human development. 

Leading the growth and implementation of this new program is Sohail Coelho as Director of Human Development. With over 15 years experience in marketing on both the agency and client side, and 10 years in human development, Sohail is the ideal partner for us in this role. Sohail’s fundamental philosophy of human development centers around growing the whole human, connecting to our true place, and inspiring us to deepen within it. We believe this is vital not only for employee satisfaction but also in enhancing the business process itself.  

"Opening this role and putting Sohail in it is an investment in the positive progression of every single person here at Instrument. We couldn’t be more stoked and optimistic about his efforts and what it will do for all of us."
Vince LaVecchia, Partner & COO
Grow the whole human

For a company to operate at the leading edge of creative work, we must use fresh thinking in growing, retaining and motivating our teams. This thinking isn’t bound to just our work life. Instrument has always supported a healthy work-life balance. Justin Lewis, Instrument Partner & CEO echoes the values of having a meaningful life inside and outside of the company (and he sets an example for all of us by running a business, starting a family, and pursuing his extreme off-road motorcycling passions). Now, we are going the extra step in helping people connect to what makes their life deeply rich and meaningful. Workshops on identity expansion, connecting to passions, and releasing fear will become a mainstay of the human development approach. 

Enhance business

Imagine this ... A vibrant dynamic interdisciplinary workforce who are the best in their craft and are taught how to have an expanded concept of who they are. Then are inspired to bring that expanded self to everything that they do - from new product ideation, to client relationships and technology development. We believe that level of authenticity and a culture of openness are fertile ground for innovation, creating dynamic products and solutions that meet the needs of many audiences. Greater depth, deeper relevance.

This is what we have to look forward to. This is the promise of Human Development at Instrument.