The Cookie Shop — A Virtual Reality Pop-Up

Storytelling is one of Instrument’s passions, and virtual reality is currently impacting this area more than ever — potentially changing its trajectory for good. At Instrument, we’ve been concepting and building a space to learn, inspire and create within VR and we’re stoked to present The Cookie Shop, a VR pop-up.

The Cookie Shop is a nod to the full sensory experience that virtual, augmented, and mixed reality worlds provide. In it we will:

  • Explore different methods of storytelling, platforms and devices
  • Champion the technology within our industry and community
  • Create excitement for our own developers to create in VR and AR

We believe firsthand experience is important to advancing our collective understanding and ability to make meaningful and beautiful 3D experiences. We're excited for this technology to become a larger part of our work here at Instrument. Over the next few months we will use the space to engage with our community through workshops, developer meetups, speaking engagements and other activations. 

P.S. There will be cookies.