The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s New Mobile App: A Collaboration with Instrument

NEW YORK, NY & PORTLAND, OR — September 15, 2014. Independent digital creative agency Instrument is proud to have partnered with The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on the development and launch of the museum's new flagship mobile app titled The Met. The app was designed to be a simple, elegant, easy-to-use starting point for anyone wishing to engage with the Museum and its art, exhibitions and events. It is currently available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

“It’s been an honor to collaborate with one of the world’s greatest cultural institutions. The goal from the start was to help viewers discover. That meant simplifying the Met’s vast possibilities into something that fits in your hands. Playful gestures, considered design and a colorful interface make the app a simple place for anyone to start.”
JD Hooge, Executive Creative Director & Partner at Instrument

Instrument worked with the Museum’s Digital Media Department for most of the past year on the app’s concept and creation, from high-level strategy to the finest details of UI and interactive design and development. Key user experience considerations include:

In-App Cues: The app was designed to require minimal explanation and avoid unnecessary walkthrough screens, instead educating users through subtle animation.

Animation: Motion and animation in The Met app are used to heighten users’ delight and understanding, and to help bring life and personality to the app’s utilitarian content.

Context: The app’s interface includes a global nav icon built to orient users within the app, offering a one-tap overview of its seven sections. The view provides instant context such that a user will never feel lost while navigating.

Messaging: To give the app its approachable, human voice, messaging is sprinkled throughout the user’s journey to offer context and information, as well as to guide continued exploration.

“We know there’s a lot to see and do at the Met, and what we heard was that people wanted our app to easily answer their most essential questions about the museum. At the same time, we had to make the app as beautiful as it was useful — a product worthy of the museum itself. We worked with Instrument, one of the world’s leading digital agencies, to design and build an app that would meet those goals, and I believe we have. The Met app balances beauty with utility."
Loic Tallon, Sr. Mobile Manager at The Metropolitan Museum

The Met was released Tuesday, September 2, with a digital and on-site app marketing campaign, including a cinematic :60 spot filmed inside the museum with Über content Director Keith Ehrlich (the spot is available here).

A sold-out event hosted by the Museum’s Spectrum group, headlined by a performance by the band Interpol at the ancient Egyptian Temple of Dendur, celebrated both the new app and Interpol’s first new release in four years.

The Met is available for free download on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from the App Store. Whether in New York or around the world, the app invites art lovers to “Start Here”:

The Met app is a digital initiative supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s press release for the project is available here.


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