Dropbox is making productivity at work easier, with new tools to help teams collaborate. We created a video and site content that repositions them as an app that can do more than just store.


Dropbox’s new features help users capture ideas wherever they happen, collaborate and comment quickly and keep everything safe all at the same time. To show how these tools fit together for teams, we created a storyline based around a team and their idea—as it moves from a napkin sketch to a fully-formed presentation.

"We worked closely with the Dropbox team to evolve the brand language into live action and to tell a story that’s equal parts inspirational and informational.”
Chris Larson, Creative Director

To show the diversity of the modern workplace, we created a range of distinct scenes — keeping the feel graphic and clean while highlighting features in context.

To help users understand the new features, we created a landing page with short animations that breakdown each one on mobile and desktop. 

Since the launch, Dropbox has leveraged our video and animations beyond the site via social and their blog to their audience of over half a billion users.



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