Portland, OR

Associate Design Director

We’re looking for an experienced visual and interactive designer obsessed with every detail of the craft. You use any visual means necessary to communicate ideas, and you’re willing to start anywhere, with anything, and iterate your way to the right solution. You’re highly strategic and passionate about prototyping, building, and continually evolving digital products and brand experiences. We don’t have separate roles for UX and visual design, so every designer contributes seamlessly across form and function.

You find inspiration in unlikely places and spread it throughout the room. You connect everything you do to the goals of the project, never getting distracted by something that doesn’t tie back. You do your best work when collaborating with strategists, writers, technologists, producers, and clients. You set the bar for design excellence and show your team something to aspire to. You geek out on systems and sweat the details, never losing steam on a project. Everyone stretches to the top of their game when they work with you.

What You’ll Do

  • Deliver elegantly simple solutions to the right problems—defined by insights and data on web, mobile, or multiple contexts, from digital to physical experiences
  • Work on a diverse portfolio of projects that spread across visual design, UX, and UI with smart and collaborative clients
  • Lead the creation of unified experiences across the entire customer journey that are contextual, clear, and elegant
  • Raise the bar through your design work, mentorship, facilitation, and client collaboration
  • Work on a multi-disciplinary team in a highly collaborative environment with diverse perspectives and expertise
  • Work proactively to find solutions and maintain momentum in our projects

What You’ll Bring

  • Demonstrated experience leading teams in shipping high-impact, successful digital products and brand experiences
  • Rock solid foundation in visual design, user experience, user interface design, and branding
  • Strategic problem-solving skills and the capacity to distill complex information into meaningful concepts or ideas
  • Strong verbal and visual presentation skills that get across the process, approach, and impact of your design
  • A mind for best practices, paired with a willingness to try something just crazy enough to work
  • Ability to move quickly to prove out ideas, and a learning mindset
  • Expertise in current industry tools with the ability to adapt to new technologies
  • Strong sense of ethics, and responsibility in understanding the way the work we do influences the world around us
  • Emotional maturity and awareness, utilizing multiple styles of communication and influence to come to the best result for our clients and team
  • Curiosity, humility, and a passion for doing great work

Apply by November 4, 2019

Job will be taken down when vacancy is filled.

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