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Portland, OR / New York, NY / Remote

Associate Design Director

As an Associate Design Director at Instrument, you’ll find inspiration in unlikely places and spread it throughout the room. You have an insatiable curiosity, a proactive mindset and a deep drive to create unique products and experiences. You do your best work when collaborating with strategists, writers, technologists, producers, and clients. You set the bar for design excellence with your passion for doing great work and show your team something to aspire to.

What You’ll Do

  • Design digital brand systems, websites, products, and a wide variety of other digital and physical experiences. Move quickly from thinking to doing, giving shape to bold ideas through execution
  • Take ideas from concept to build ready assets, employing sharp UX thinking, art direction, storytelling, and systems design
  • Ground the work in a deep understanding of the client, learning the boundaries of their brand, and push on strategic insights to stretch creative opportunities while effectively guiding those who aren’t experts in web design through the process
  • Take ideas from concept to build ready assets, employing sharp UX thinking, art direction, storytelling, and systems design
  • Work on a multi-disciplinary team in a highly collaborative environment with diverse perspectives and expertise
  • Work closely with developers to foster innovation and ensure feasibility and fidelity of final output
  • Embrace challenges and inspire new ways of thinking and approaching design problems helping establish the bar for design thinking and execution on the team
  • Make sense of complex systems and develop inventive solutions through distillation and experimentation

What You’ll Bring

  • A visual sophistication developed from a strong foundation in visual design, user experience, user interface design, and branding
  • Strategic problem solving skills and the capacity to distill complex information into meaningful concepts, ideas and designs
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills that get across the process, approach, and impact of your design
  • A systems thinker with deep technical acumen, a strong understanding of current industry tools and the ability to adapt to new technologies
  • Demonstrated experience shipping exceptional work, with your role clearly defined on each project in your portfolio
  • Experience building out digital ecommerce products, bonus points if you would be excited to be working on a prestigious global alcohol brand.
  • Experience working on cross-disciplinary teams, closely collaborating with strategists, technologists and clients alike

Apply by December 28, 2020

Job will be taken down when vacancy is filled.

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