Junior Producer —

As you start on the Producer path, you are diving into a dynamic and multi-faceted role that we are eager for you to grow in. You proactively learn how to be a strong producer and thoughtfully absorb all aspects of the role from your colleagues and mentors. You will partner with other producers to lead our work to success, positively and efficiently executing tasks assigned as you understand what is required to increase your autonomy and influence. You derive pride from the collective accomplishments of your team, and you bring a spirit of optimism and collaboration to your environment every day.

What You’ll Do

  • Perform effective, timely, and thoughtful execution of project and account management tasks for the client and internal teams
  • Manage tasks for projects in order for the team to create and deliver innovative solutions across web, mobile, video/motion, physical interactive, or other formats
  • Facilitate inclusive and efficient project practices while collaborating with other producers, designers, writers, developers, strategists, quality assurance engineers, contractors and/or third-party vendors/partners
  • Organize and maintain project communication, schedules, project plans, discussion and feedback notes, action items/to-do lists, content trackers, and other documents using Slack, Google Drive, Docs, and other products/tools utilized by clients and the team
  • Set up and sustain strong communication, including appropriate meeting cadences and formats, with the internal team, partners, and clients in order to inform a healthy flow of information, feedback, and collaboration
  • Contribute to project proposals, project plans, schedules, documentation, and content organization, in partnership with and as directed by other producers or your Executive Director
  • Support iterative project and client management practices for your accounts to maintain a healthy, productive and profitable business relationship
  • Help track and manage project team resource needs and external resource contributors.
  • Proactively collaborate with and actively learn from other producers, business leaders, and your discipline lead in order to foster your own growth

What You’ll Bring

  • Exceptional communication skills and the ability to independently form generative working relationships and lasting partnerships with both client and internal team members
  • A passion for all aspects of digital work (including marketing, product, brand, integrated content, and more)
  • A solid foundation of understanding about web technologies, mobile and desktop browser capabilities, Internet infrastructure, digital products, and the tech industry
  • The ability to operate thoughtfully and contribute positively within an inclusive and diverse team environment
  • Strong organizational skills that allow the work to be performed in smart ways and the client to have confidence in our capability to execute the project
  • A desire to contribute your perspective and point-of-view to make the work and collaboration better
  • An ease and openness in receiving productive feedback in order to inform your growth and progression
  • A curiosity and drive to learn and grow, and a connection to your intuitive instincts

Apply by September 3, 2019

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