Portland, OR

Senior React Developer

You’re a Senior Front-End developer with experience using React in an application context. You are able to turn designs into components quickly and can work within existing codebases. You are comfortable managing client-side state with React and integrating with backend APIs for data. You will help grow our internal tools by adding new features, brainstorming, scoping and fixing bugs. For this role, we have included a skills test. The goal of the task is to provide code and thought processes we can use to drive discussions between you and the larger interviewing team. Prior to taking the skills test, selected candidates will speak with our recruiter and VP of Technology. After meeting with our VP of Technology, there will be a short skills test which should take around 4 hours and can be completed within 2 weeks of our first meeting.

What You’ll Do

  • Implement new features in React across several internal products.
  • Work with project team in feature scoping, planning and ticketing.
  • Understand and own the product codebases and offer suggestions for improvement.
  • Work collaboratively and proactively in a team environment.
  • Clearly communicate concepts and dependencies with your team.
  • Do great work and be great to work with.

What You’ll Bring

  • 3-5 years’ experience in React development.
  • The ability to work efficiently within existing codebases.
  • TypeScript experience is a bonus.
  • Ability to integrate React with back-end developers, APIs, and dynamic content.
  • Collaboration, flexibility, hustle, humility, confidence

Apply by January 31, 2020

Job will be taken down when vacancy is filled.

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