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Remote / Portland, OR / New York, NY

Senior Strategist, User Experience

You are beholden to both a brand and their customers. You balance business requirements with user needs, forever advocating on their behalf. You have experience concepting and defining digital products and services, and understand the need to position them as a true extension of the brand. You are equally as grounded in best practice as you are willing to take risk, and understand the nuance associated with different digital channels and/or types of experiences. You know your client’s business as well as, if not better, than they do, and leverage that expertise — both in maintaining a vibrant relationship and in building new business. You uncover insights, using them as inputs in the creation of high-level frameworks, detailed UX recommendations, and ultimately, robust, component-based systems.

What You’ll Do

  • Keep humans at the center of the experiences we create for and with our clients. Advocate on their behalf, from day one to deployment.
  • Lead the strategy work on 1–2 client projects at a time, as part of a multidisciplinary team.
  • Balance user needs, client goals, and the needs of our internal team(s), ensuring all parties are set up for success.
  • Lead kickoff and discovery, immersing yourself in the client’s current approach and future goals, as well as the needs of their customers.
  • Lead experience concepting, ideating as to what experience(s) to offer users. Develop personas, journey maps, user stories, product roadmaps, and/or an initial set of prospective features, helping to determine the path(s) forward.
  • Lead experience definition, defining said experience(s) in more detail. Develop sitemaps, IA diagrams, detailed user flows, and/or annotated wireframes.
  • Partner with design, writing, and development (as well as with the client) to establish navigation/interaction models, UI specifications, page and/or screen-specific copy and creative assets, etc. Help develop the systems that will enable a best-in-class user experience.
  • Establish KPIs, as well as a measurement framework, guiding both short-term optimizations and longer-term shifts.
  • Partner with the Research & Testing Team to ensure the experience resonates and/or performs as intended. Validate hypotheses, early and often.
  • Present your recommendations in a concise and compelling way, both to our team and our clients. Own creation of presentation-ready artifacts and/or decks.
  • Work autonomously, and in extremely close collaboration with the team. Aim to provide value from one phase to the next, and to “move quickly from talking to doing.”
  • Report to the Team’s Strategy Director. Partner with them to contribute to the team’s success, including documenting processes and/or case studies, mentoring other strategists in the work, and/or developing deeper relationships with clients.

What You’ll Bring

  • 5+ years of experience in UX strategy and/or experience design, with an emphasis on digital brands and products.
  • Specific to this role, experience architecting branded ecommerce experiences and/or in developing an approach to omnichannel retail is a plus. If not ecommerce, must have experience working with direct-to-consumer (DTC) and/or otherwise consumer-facing brands.
  • Ability to contribute to the work from concept to completion, as well as adapt to the needs of a given project
  • An understanding of the design, technical, and business implications associated with your strategic recommendations — what it will take to make your ideas a reality
  • Expertise concepting around and defining digital products and experiences, including the development of functional requirements, journey maps, wireframes, personas, user flows, component-based design systems, and/or other UX artifacts
  • Exposure to, if not expertise in, brand, content, and/or marketing strategy. Especially as it relates to ecommerce experiences, ability to connect the dots between the experience, itself, and the overarching brand
  • Experience designing and facilitating workshops with mid- to senior-level clients, as well as with internal teams
  • Experience designing and facilitating research and user testing is a plus. Either way, you develop experiences that are as innovative as they are informed
  • Success partnering with and presenting to clients, managing their requests and accurately implementing their feedback
  • Comfortable working closely with production, creative, and technical partners, with the goal to influence their work as often as they influence your own.
  • If you don't meet 100% of the above qualifications, you should still seriously consider applying. Studies show that you can still be considered for a role if you meet just 50% of the role's requirements.

Apply by October 31, 2021

Job will be taken down when vacancy is filled.

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