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Remote / Portland, OR / New York, NY

Senior Writer

We’re looking for a writer who can work across diverse brands and their digital experiences. From finely-tuned marketing copy for websites to bold brand manifestos, you’re fluent in the digital space and can weigh the importance of every ounce of copy. As a consummate word nerd, you know how to balance perfect grammar with the cadence of a brand’s voice and tone. At every stage in a project’s life-cycle, you find, manifest, and sharpen narratives; uncovering insights and crafting language that anchors and inspires teammates and clients. You act as a translator, working to establish common language—from insight to concept, concept to reality, and strategy to action.

What You’ll Do

  • Think conceptually
  • Write brand and tone-appropriate content across multiple styles and projects autonomously
  • Explore widely and independently, generating a wide range of directions
  • Dive into understanding a client's business and care about their problems
  • Help synthesize insights from project discovery to empower your team
  • Provide options and rationale as your work is considered by teammates and clients alike
  • Help brands establish a differentiating voice and tone and provide effective tools for them to maintain brand guidelines
  • Craft marketing and UX copy, manifestos, scripts, storyboards, and whatever other deliverables communicate a client’s message
  • Write in a human voice for technical concepts and digital products
  • Pitch concepts in compelling ways and establish gravity around ideas
  • Collaborate inclusively and openly with multi-disciplinary teammates and clients

What You’ll Bring

  • An array of digital writing experience – Brand, UX, Marketing, and Product
  • An outstanding portfolio of published pieces of varying styles
  • Experience building brand guidelines and messaging frameworks from scratch
  • Ability to apply a brand’s voice to various product or program areas
  • Ability to write appropriate copy across multiple digital contexts
  • Ability to synthesize, recognize patterns, and make sense of complex inputs
  • Fluid multi-disciplinary collaboration
  • Curiosity about people and their needs
  • Quality assurance for spelling and grammar
  • Positive attitude
  • Independent spirit

Apply by March 1, 2022

Job will be taken down when vacancy is filled.

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