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Build. Together.

We're partnering with a select number of organizations to bring your ideas to life with strategy, creative, and technology—free of cost. These pro bono projects will deliver by the end of the year. The deadline for application for this first round is May 15th.

If your organization is working to support Black communities, you may be a good fit for this program. Please complete this form, telling us about you, your mission, your goals, and the type of support you might need.

Applications Are Closed

We'll open our next round in early 2022. Thanks!


  • What types of organizations are eligible to apply?

    In 2021, 100% of our efforts will be focused on Black communities. Both non-profit and for-profit organizations are eligible to apply. Organizations must be located in the United States, and do not need to be located in the same cities as our offices.

  • When is the application deadline?

    The first of these projects will kick-off this Spring. Applications are due no later than Friday, May 15, 2021 at 11:59 PM (Pacific Time). You are welcome to submit an application after that deadline has passed, but it’s likely the next round of selections won’t happen until later this year.

  • How will you select which organizations to work with?

    Seeing as this program is in its infancy, we are working to define formal selection criteria, but we’re considering the following when reviewing applications.

    • Does your organization benefit the Black community in ways that are positive, not performative, and that will last into the future?
    • Are design and technology core to your organization’s success? Do your needs align with our team’s skillsets and/or areas of expertise?
    • Do your needs align with our team’s availability?
  • If I have a set budget for work I’d like done, can I use pro bono hours to extend and amplify that work?

    Absolutely, yes. We recognize that some organizations have money set aside for services such as these. In those instances, we will provide a portion of our services pro bono, so you can maximize your budget.

  • What if I need help, but am not sure what to ask for?

    We completely understand, and quite frankly, have left things intentionally open-ended. 

    • If you’d like to discuss things with our team prior to submitting an application, please reach out to 
    • If you believe your organization to be a fit, but aren’t sure what deliverables to ask for, no sweat! Focus your application on your team’s goals and objectives, and we’ll tell you the types of work we think need we need to do.
  • Do I have to submit using the form?

    Your application should be submitted via this form, the details of which are listed below. You must provide the following information, and we suggest that anything else that might be helpful in clarifying your mission and needs be submitted as a PDF as well.

  • Who’s reviewing the application and when will you get back to me?

    Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by a group of Instrument team leads, who are dedicated to these initiatives. They may reach out to you for clarification on parts of your application, but they are not required to do so. Recipient(s) will be notified around the end of May. Depending on the scope of the initial project(s), additional recipients may be selected throughout the year. You are only required to apply once.