Charting Our Next Chapter

2024 is a year of transformation at Instrument. From our work to the way we work together, experimentation and innovation will be central to how we approach the year ahead. To support these efforts, six new indispensable leaders will collaborate on a multi-year plan for supporting clients, fueling innovation, and fostering connection.

These appointments include:

  • Laurel Burton, CEO (formerly President)
  • Leon Anderson, President (formerly VP, Production)
  • Nishat Akhtar as Chief Creative Officer (formerly VP, Creative)
  • Tessa Baston as Chief People Officer (formerly VP, People)
  • Stephanie Lanning, SVP, Growth (formerly VP, New Business & Marketing)
  • JD Hooge as Creative Chair (formerly Chief Creative Officer)

Within this newly elevated roster, we are proud to welcome our first all women C-suite—which will build upon our commitment to diversified perspectives in leadership and our recognition as one of Fast Company’s Best Workplaces for Women Innovators. As a further testament to Instrument’s pool of talent, all appointments were internal with an average tenure of 7.5 years.

We’re taking bold steps in 2024 to reshape our business for our clients and our talent as we grow Instrument into a world-class network where creativity knows no bounds.

As the newest addition to Instrument’s leadership team, Leon Anderson has stepped into the role of President. Engaging from a place of proactivity, courage, and excitement, Leon will provide the foundation and leadership necessary for great work rooted in collaboration, opportunity, and innovation.

Transformation is palpable and resonant. It is not easy and it requires consistent commitment and engagement. We know where we’ve been, and we will not look back. We will become the cornerstone agency that the world looks to for inspiration and a place where creativity has no bounds. And I am excited and inspired to lead this charge.

Leon AndersonPresident, INSTRUMENT

Following a year where Instrument won a record 50+ new accounts, our new SVP of Growth Stephanie Lanning will focus on brand awareness and amplifying our outbound and inbound efforts.

Beyond our executive team, Instrument’s leadership will be supported by experts continuing to push business forward. With a key focus on innovation, VP of Technology John Brown and Executive Director of Innovation Mike Creighton will work together on developing new solutions and partnering with teams to bring emerging technology to clients.

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