Nishat Akhtar Speaks at SXSW on the Future of AI in Creative

Nishat Akhtar, VP Creative, Instrument. Speaks with a few people including Jeroen Thissen of Code d’Azur.

Nishat Akhtar, VP Creative, in conversation at SXSW.

AI is a deep topic, with lots of implications in our work and lives. Nishat Akhtar, VP of Creative at Instrument — joined industry peers at SXSW for Generative AI and the Future of Creative hosted by SoDA, for a lively debate on the challenges, opportunities, and the greater impact it will have on the creative community, and ultimately the future of design.

Nishat shared her thoughts and feelings about the creative accessibility these tools can provide, and how we can be intentional as creatives about the need for ethical transparency in utilizing them.

How do we think earnestly, ethically and honestly about the creation of these tools, so that we can honor artists and empower all kinds of people to be able to be more creative?

Nishat AkhtarVP Creative

However, generative AI isn’t without its limitations and opportunities for growth when it comes to representation and perspective: “The absolute importance of people’s input into creating dynamic ideas, bringing rich cultural perspective, is critical in differentiation, and is something that AI has continued to fail to do...we have to think ethically about who is being represented, who is being accounted for in these models, and who these models are being built for.”

You can watch the full talk to dive deeper over at SodaSpeaks.

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