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We build connected brand systems for brands with purpose

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Brand is experience and experience is brand

A brand’s impact is measured over time, with each point of contact with their customers representing an opportunity to create meaningful connections — a website, social post, campaign billboard, magazine spread or a mobile checkout experience.

Brands are defined by how they show up and across this entire ecosystem of experiences, yet there is often a gap between their vision and reality. Our goal is to build connected brand systems where each user experience is elevated and unified, down to the very last detail.

To create the highest caliber work — across brand, product and marketing — our teams are integrated from end to end; from vision through execution.

From consumer research and brand positioning to user experience testing, content strategy and campaign planning, our strategic practice guides the way in each project.

With some of the best creative talent in our industry, our creative discipline benefits from both depth and breadth across brand development, product design and content creation.

Our ability to bring technical creativity alongside enterprise level rigor allows us to plan, prototype and build highly complex experiences for global audiences.

How We Work

Uniquely collaborative

We practice radical transparency between our teams and client partners — removing barriers and egos to come to the best solutions, together.

Customer Focused
We champion user and customer needs above all — ensuring that our work serves them, and in turn, our clients' business.

Inclusive by design
Great ideas come from everywhere, and our process is meant to enable that. From our CEO to our Junior talent, everyone is engaged in making and elevating our work.

I'm so grateful to the Instrument team for bringing such heart, energy and flexibility to help tell our story at such a pivotal time for Notion.”

Roberta Tomson, Chief of Brand and Communications Officer At Notion

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