Atlassian has a strong reputation and a beloved suite of products but had never told the world what they stood for — that all teams can do amazing things when they work Open. We helped launch a digital campaign to unpack what it means to work Open with a three-part short-film series called “Open Stories”.


Atlassian has been at the forefront of finding new ways to make teamwork more productive, more fulfilling, and more human. While serving over 135,000 customers with a variety of products including Jira, an issue-tracking application, and Confluence, a team-collaboration tool, the brand truly sets itself apart as thought leaders in the industry not only because of its products, but its ethos.

When the company was started in 2002, the brand was built on five core values, reflecting the 22-year-old founders’ ideals: 

In the twelve years since the company was founded, Atlassian’s values have come to be known and embraced, not just by their 750 employees, but also by businesses and teams in the wider technology industry.

The Open Stories

Rather than authenticating these 'Open' values through products and features, the campaign told stories of teams who were able to achieve ambitious goals through embracing an Open way of working, thinking and being. The Open Stories were brought to life through short form documentary, social content and a long-form editorial as part of the launch of the platform hub,

Architecture professor, Sean Ahlquist transcended the silos of academia and used his knowledge of material science to create a new technology to help improve the lives of children who experience autism.

Entrepreneur Natalie Egan, after learning to embrace her true self and coming out as openly transgender, is now leading a new team and accomplishing her company's mission of spreading empathy.

Special Forces veteran Jon Ellsworth and Columbia University student Carlyn Dougherty, enlisted the help of 150 military personnel to develop an app that helps soldiers and medics quickly and effectively help wounded soldiers.

Atlassian’s ethos allowed us to envision a brand campaign centered around authentic human storytelling. By putting people first, rather than product, we were able to tell a richer brand story that resonates across any industry.

Miasha NakaharaAssociate Design Director at Instrument

The Campaign

In addition to the long-form videos, we developed a social and paid media campaign consisting of various :30s, :15s, and :06s spots focused on the brand voice, deployed across Atlassian-owned digital channels.

Looking Ahead

These three customer stories are only the beginnings of Atlassian’s Open Stories and we foresee many remarkable stories to be unearthed and shared to the world to authenticate the importance of working Open, not only to better ourselves as teammates, but to collectively improve our own workplace and industry.

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