Autism affects roughly one in fifty kids in America. The condition remains stubbornly difficult to diagnose, much less to provide care for, and most clinics address only a fraction of what’s required to produce meaningful results both for children and their families.

Cortica offers a unique and highly effective solution, and we partnered with them to better articulate their services to parents and caregivers in search of care that’s not only beneficial, but practical.

Cortica’s multidisciplinary team combines medical care with family counseling and a comprehensive range of behavioral and developmental therapies, all in one place. It’s a model that allows neurodiverse children to make astonishing progress, and relieves parents from having to coordinate various therapies, treatments for related conditions, and insurance matters themselves.

Through a cohesive strategic vision, a new design system, and a rebuilt digital experience, we positioned Cortica to connect with more struggling families than ever before.

The quality of Cortica’s services required a brand framework to match, and in close partnership with their marketing team and executive leadership, we firmly established a vision and mission statement, and carved out distinct brand pillars. These high-level explorations informed the creation of new tactical tools, including a brand manifesto, voice and tone principles, and detailed visual branding.

Slides about Coritca and their brand.

To ensure consistency across communications, and to bolster brand integrity, our team created a beautiful and cohesive system of sensory-friendly design, including a refined corporate logo. Color, typography, and photography were all considered with sensitivity and accessibility in mind, and we crafted graphic elements for complex symbols and data visualization.

Examples of sensory-friendly design.
Cortica logo.
Cortica business cards.

We delivered a final style guide that details the application of these designs for print, digital, and social — all the media employed by Cortica to describe their services. This design work can be seen live across multiple platforms today, demonstrating how precise direction translates to implementation consistently on every channel.

Screenshots of social media slides from Instagram feed and stories..
Timeline of a child named Noah and their journey with Cortica.

Our work with Cortica was an end-to-end project that synthesized strategy, creative and technology in service of a company whose collaborative care plans achieve landmark results for neurodiverse kids and their families. It’s a small but crucial step toward providing better care and understanding of autism in American households.


Working with neuroscientists is always humbling. Our team was honored to work directly with Dr. Goh and the entire Cortica team to be a part of their life-changing service. Delivering ready-to-use brand identity and digital tools was the fastest way to tell their story and, ultimately, reach more families—care for more children.

August HeffnerExecutive Creative Director, Instrument

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