“Year in Review” is a personalized and holistic experience for Nike members that celebrated what they achieved in 2023, and also set intentions for the year ahead. We partnered with Nike to break the mold of the typical brand recap. Together, we went beyond reflecting past behavior and instead used that data to deliver insights that prompted reflection, inspiration and action for the future.

A foundational partnership

For over 15 years, we’ve been part of a close and collaborative partnership with Nike—creating digital experiences and content across their apps, dot com, and social extensions. We have a track record of helping the brand tackle some of their most challenging digital briefs and this was one of those opportunities. 

The Opportunity:

Reimagine the year-in-review formula to build a deeper ongoing connection with Nike's most loyal athletes.

Creating a holistic, grounding experience for members

Through member-focused exploration and experimentation, we landed on an off-platform solution that allowed us to leverage and reflect data in new and interesting ways. We didn’t just recycle patterns and behaviors around movement and product, but pulled out insights and asked questions that offered real value for members. Working within Nike’s Well Collective look and feel, we used blurred type, grainy textures, and translucent UI to build an experience that was compelling, vibrant, and most of all, inspiring. To bridge the digital and the physical, we started with a grounding moment of deep breathing, helping members get centered for their journey. 

The Differentiator:

Nike isn’t just looking back, it’s moving ahead and positioning itself as a partner in their members’ upcoming goals.

Inspiration driven by insights

Our overall aim was to design and build a journey that opened up a two-way conversation with our most loyal members, allowing us to re-engage in the coming year through personalized stories, products, prompts and experiences to help them achieve their future goals. A new look, a fresh workout, more meditation time, building community—we expanded our idea of personal growth to go beyond the typical metrics and activities for more well-rounded and inclusive intention-setting.

The Experience:

Built from the ground up to be personal and dynamic, our 360 Playbook ensured a seamless rollout to reach members across the globe. 

Fine-tuning the moment for a global audience

Tokyo to London, Mexico City to Seoul—to connect with our members in every region, the entire body of work and strategy was adapted into a 360 Global Playbook that enabled Nike teams around the world to execute the ‘Year In Review’ experience for their own members. This included an entire campaign of content and drivers that seamlessly migrated users to the microsite… and back. To create a ‘closed loop’ journey, we used rewards, recommended workouts and unique product offerings to re-engage them on Nike platforms for new goals, self improvement, style and sweat.

In-house development brings the vision to life

Working in lockstep with design and strategy, the development team implemented the technology, architecture and componentry that ensured an elevated user experience and prioritized security and accessibility.

To achieve these goals, the site was divided into three regions—North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific—and AWS was utilized for routing and caching. Additionally, our dev team managed the records of 21 million Nike members with automated multi-region replication and CI/CD pipelines, all orchestrated through GitHub Actions and Terraform. Localization efforts spanned 14 languages (21 locales) and employed JSON files translated by Nike's Localization team. The front-end was powered by React + Remix using GSAP as our core animation library, while authentication relied on Nike's OIDC provider. All development was WCAG AA 2.1 compliant. Knowing the site would receive a ton of traffic in a short time, we prepared by load testing a million requests a minute before launch day and our architecture stood up to the challenge.

The Impact

From A-listers to everyday athletes, 
we saw Nike’s “Year In Review” spread organically far beyond the initial 
launch moment.

Our Roles


  • UX Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Strategy
  • Partner Strategy
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy


  • UX / UI Design
  • Art Direction
  • Visual Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Motion Design


  • UX / UI Writing
  • Copywriting


  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Data Integration and Management
  • Technical Direction

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