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One Medical is changing the way people go to the doctor. With tech-enabled primary care, patients have 24/7 access to providers, can quickly and easily manage appointments, and renew prescriptions with a tap. We partnered with them to better articulate who they are and what they do, while lifting barriers for patients along the way.

Designing for multiple audiences

By first creating multiple clickable prototypes of the mobile experience, we were able to assess unmet user needs. This qualitative information drove our flight content strategy, as well as the IA and information hierarchy of the experience. For sick patients in need of immediate care, we lifted all barriers and streamlined booking. For those considering long-term membership, we provided ample content for them to research and explore.

Four neatly organized mobile devices rest on a green backdrop. Each device showcases a different piece of One Medical's new online experience. From the photographically-driven homepage to the large, typographic navigation all the way to illustrative editorial content — the website is rich in visual variety while maintaining a sense of cohesion from screen to screen.

Telling the story

When One Medical came to us, they knew who they were and what they believed in, but they weren’t yet saying it clearly. Together we worked to articulate their voice, explain what they do, and update content site-wide. Once the site’s design and strategy were defined, we directed and produced lifestyle photography in order to bring their mission to life. This content brought depth to the stories of patients and providers in the One Medical network, and shows the real people behind the product.

One Medical has a vision to make the crazy-intimidating healthcare experience simple, clear, and—dare I say—enjoyable. We helped them match their previously-complex digital experience to their beautiful office experience.

Laka RichardsonStrategy Director, Instrument
A photograph of a woman smiling sits next to the message "We're changing the way you go to the doctor".

Choosing a server (or not)

We migrated data from multiple sources to integrate with One Medical’s proprietary API, then prototyped and built out a unique stack on AWS designed to maximize performance and accessibility. Using Terraform, we mapped and built a new, unified VPC on AWS and deployed Wagtail as a powerful, extensible CMS. Ultimately we chose a server-less option (Lambda) because it would only use resources when needed, and would Auto-scale with incremental traffic as One Medical expands into new cities.

A schematic that visualizes the tech stack for

Building for change

With a flexible page and component system created from the ground up, One Medical can now build and preview pages and workflows quickly to test content, messaging, and user interaction. We will offer support for how components and design thinking are migrated into product in the near future.

A collage of elements that we designed for One Medical's digital ecosystem. Buttons, Lists, Images, Videos, Forms, Inputs, and more.

One Medical is redefining the healthcare experience, with lofty goals for expansion and market share. Working in close collaboration, we provided them with a strategic vision for both the marketing site and the product. They now have a clear value proposition, a personalized experience for all users, and are armed with tools to grow the site and the product into the future. We are iterating on new releases, and our work together continues.

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Our Roles


  • Technical Strategy
  • DevOps
  • Systems Architecture
  • Front-end Development


  • Audience Strategy
  • Research
  • User Testing


  • Content Strategy
  • Writing
  • Photography


  • Rapid Prototyping
  • UX/UI Design
  • Kit of Parts
  • Digital Guidelines

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