PagerDuty is the operations engine behind the tech we rely on everyday, like Netflix, Zoom, and Chipotle. As a trusted partner for these brands, PagerDuty is driven by their mission to revolutionize operations and deliver seamless digital experiences — which is why they built the Operations Cloud platform. To help spread the word about this broader platform, we created a bold brand campaign for starting candid conversations with C-level leaders.

The Challenge

Getting on the radar of Enterprise decision makers and drastically changing how they viewed the brand’s capabilities.

Exploring the mind of a Chief Technology Officer

Leaders today are under enormous pressure to drive growth and cut costs. Operational excellence is no longer a “nice to have” — it’s essential for survival.

Yet, when researching for the campaign, we learned many companies were stuck on their path to digital transformation. Leaders described their operations as a tangled mess of homegrown solutions and one-too-many tools, leaving teams buried under inefficient workflows.

A recessionary environment had dialed up the urgency to intervene. Leaders felt this was finally the moment for an overhaul. With that insight, we knew we could craft a campaign that would resonate emotionally and point them to a platform that could help.

The Idea

Delivering urgent truths about the state of business to execs through frank headlines and a bold, activation-ready palette.

Building a flexible creative toolkit

In developing the campaign, we needed to stay true to PagerDuty’s fun personality while introducing sophistication to earn trust as a serious competitor.

Drawing on the sense of urgency discovered in our research, we paired punchy, sharp-witted headlines with a new bold color we call Volt that evokes emotion and stands out in crowded feeds. We created a series of illustrations inspired by graphic styles used in instruction manuals and emergency communications — balancing feelings of familiarity, empathy, and just a little levity.

All the elements came together as a system of visuals and messaging designed to flex and scale across a wide variety of channels and formats, from hard-working digital assets to high-visibility OOH and events.

The Impact

Shifting PagerDuty from a product to a platform built for modern enterprise — and catapulting their next phase of growth.

A successful launch and reception

The campaign launched at re:Invent 2023, and a coordinated rollout will continue into 2024, fueling an exciting and monumental year for PagerDuty.

So far, the campaign has outperformed previous brand campaigns by 37%, with messaging resonating strongest with C-suite audiences. The “Operations Intervention” messaging has been adopted across the website and sales teams, creating a thoughtful through line for customers across the brand experience.

It has been so exciting to move our business forward with a distinctive, original campaign that both expanded the frame of reference for the PagerDuty brand and stayed true to our roots. Ops Intervention is engaging our customers, inspiring our teams, and raising the bar for how we show up at the intersection of strategy and creativity.

Jesse PurewalVP Corporate Marketing & Brand at Pagerduty

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