is the optimistic heart of Salesforce, operating at the intersection of nonprofit, education, philanthropy, and for-profit sectors. The billion-dollar business unit engaged our team in the creation of a new brand identity and narrative to instill trust with their audience and confidently define their position within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Billboard for - A laboratory for what's next.

Brand Positioning needed a new and distinct voice & tone, brand positioning, pillars, and manifesto to not only clarify their mission and promise to the greater world, but to unify and empower their internal teams. We created a strategic brand platform that served as our foundation for how we speak, who we are, what we do, and why we exist.

Brand positioning an pillars, including graphs.
Salesforce . org cloud like image

Visual Brand Identity

To bring their new voice and narrative to life, we created a distinct brand system for, appropriately in-line with the parent brand, but wholly their own. Although inextricably linked to, our challenge was to humanize and mature's brand identity as it amplifies real-world solutions to set it apart from the broader Salesforce ecosystem.

Shapes used to humanize Salesforce . org called the smile to champion individuals, the pattern to represent coming together and markmaking to communicate an open source laboratory and value process over perfection.
Two people highlighted by Salesforce smiling at the viewer.
Multiple color dots on the sky and on a grassy hill.
Two billboards, one purple with find your momentum written on it and one pink with with medical professionals on it.
Hand holding tote that says Good for all.

Brand Guidelines

Just as our verbal language reads differently from the parent brand’s, so does our visual language. We obsessed every element in’s Brand Guidelines — logo, color, typography, photography & visual design elements — ultimately setting the team up for success and inspiring their teams to take ownership of their new voice across every application.

Grow Together. Image of a person smiling at the camera and multiple people in front of a school.
Three slides from Twitter one with James Baldwin, second with people walking up a sand dune which says "We empower communities to change the world" and thirds sharing Big Brothers and Sisters of America with an image of a little kid.

Applying the new strategic brand mission, visual identity and voice and tone principles to real world scenarios enabled us to articulate the possibilities of a purposeful path forward. Today, you can begin to see this evolution of the brand across all of's channels — helping communicate their brand's promise to the greater world.

New York Times shown on a laptop and a cellphone.

Our Roles


  • Voice and Tone
  • Brand Narrative
  • Manifesto
  • Brand Statements
  • Sample Exucutions


  • Brand Values
  • Brand Pillars
  • Brand Promise
  • Brand Positioning
  • Who/What/How/Why


  • Logo
  • Color
  • Typography
  • Photography
  • Visual Elements


  • Social Media Examples
  • Sample Presentation
  • Event Campaign
  • Digital Ads
  • Landing Page

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