Sonos delivers brilliant sound to the homes of listeners all over the world with elegantly designed, easy-to-use products. Over twelve months, we helped Sonos evolve and extend their new brand identity to stand apart from an ever-increasing field of competitors.

A Digital Identity

Our longstanding relationship with Sonos provided the groundwork for us to participate in the creation of their new brand identity from the very beginning. We worked closely with their team and partners to evaluate the flexibility and scalability of this identity through its application in the digital space — starting with the Sonos website.

We had a unique opportunity to update our brand strategy, brand identity, and do a full website redesign at the same time. The level of collaboration is a big part of what makes this identity so strong. We made sure it would work well on our website which is our most complex brand experience.”

Dmitri Siegel, VP of Brand at Sonos

Simply Premium

We built a messaging framework that positions Sonos products in a clear, concise way, and we allowed it to influence our core creative guidelines. Written and visual communication were simplified across the board, and we went big on type — real big. A fluid, adaptable typographic sizing system created a powerful communication hierarchy, and ensured that the new typeface, Aktiv Grotesk, felt ownable for Sonos and looked great everywhere.

Four sizes of black typeface on gray background

The typographic scale is based on perfect fifths, a commonly used interval system that corresponds to a pair of musical pitches. Different type sizes combine with one another while maintaining a sense of visual harmony within messaging.

A key breakthrough for us was unlocking how to showcase Sonos’ beautifully designed hardware alongside its robust app experience — in a way that was both simple and easy to understand.”

Aaron Jackson, Senior Designer at Instrument

Collage of four images. First is a picture of a woman on a sidewalk by a lake. Second is pink buttons on an illustrated smartphone. Third is black Sonos One speaker. Fourth is a stylish room with white Sonos One on table near window.

We simplified the visual representation of the app down to its fundamental structure — removing the need to update numerous images when UI changes.

Sound Vision

Streamlining visual communication meant introducing a set of guidelines for illustration and sound visualization. We leveraged style elements introduced in the new brand identity work to create the impression of sound emanating from products or filling rooms, balancing simple but attractive and inviting shapes with something new for Sonos: color.

Changing Colors

The new brand identity boldly introduces color into the world of Sonos, creating some welcome differentiation in the crowded field of home electronics and providing contrast to the classic black white lineup of Sonos hardware. We explored how these colors function in a complex digital system, and how they can be quickly updated and changed over time.

A triptych of email designs viewed on mobile devices. The first device is a photo of man in a home office with white Sonos One speaker. The second features three colorful album covers and photo of bookshelf on forest green background. The last contains a collage of Sonos products on rusty red background with photo of man wearing glasses

Smart Communication

Beyond design, we influenced the Sonos customer journey across every touchpoint, curating email, .com, and in-app communication to create a cohesive brand story and add value for users. We leaned into post-purchase engagement, directing users toward product features that inspire them to investigate everything their speakers are capable of, incorporating Sonos into their lives with increased frequency and diversity, and endearing them to the brand in unexpected ways.

Dotted circle with arrow in the middle and illustrations of smartphones with four icons: volume, touch, clock, and house.

We helped Sonos reimagine how they communicate with new customers, driving engagement with core product features that build brand loyalty and promote system expansion.

We helped Sonos reimagine how they communicate with new customers, driving engagement with core product features that build brand loyalty and promote system expansion.

Evolving Sound

Iteration is a key principle at Sonos, and their new brand identity allows diverse teams across the company to create experiences at swift speeds and lower costs. The new brand is highly adaptable and responsive to an ever-changing consumer landscape, mirroring the constant updates Sonos makes to their hardware and software in pursuit of the best possible sound.

White Sonos products with illustrated sound waves. Black Play:5 with photo of woman by a lake. Illustration of microphone, sound waves, and speaker on rusty red. Gold billboard with black Sonos One. Display shelf in Sonos store with several black speakers and colorful signs. Photo of modern living room with man, woman, child, and entertainment system. Illustration of long cord and speaker on gold. Illustration of bathroom with speaker on forest green.


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