Following their 2020 Rebrand, Splice partnered with us again for their first-ever brand campaign “Start with Sound.” Our goal was to recharge Splice’s bond with existing users and broaden awareness for the brand to connect with a whole new wave of musicians.

The Challenge:

Create a unifying brand platform that inspires artists from all levels of expertise.

Rallying around Sound

After a series of stakeholder interviews, we knew there was a desire to do something bigger. Beyond talking about product features, we tapped into a universal, undeniable truth by centering our focus on the customer—and why Splice started out in the first place.

Whether you’re an industry legend or a first-time producer, sound is where it all starts. Our campaign celebrated sound as the catalyst for creation and encouraged artists to start with what moves them the most.

The Idea:

A campaign that serves as a celebration of sound—and positions Splice as the place to find yours.

Composing the system

Building off of our rebrand from 2020, we wanted to created a system that was part seamless continuation and part distinct campaign look & feel. With a curated color palette, an energetic italicized type treatment accentuating the “start,” and a library of eclectic textural imagery that visualized sound, we carved out a unique expression of the brand. We set a fresh, inclusive mood that was energetic, uplifting, and real—with diverse imagery that represents different genres, levels, and influences.

Teaming up with Instrument was like an extension of our creative family, guiding us in creating a campaign that captures the soul of Splice’s brand. Every facet—production, strategy, and design—was meticulously executed, strengthening our brand’s identity while influencing Splice’s internal strategy for upcoming endeavors.

Simone StaffordAssoc. Creative Director, Splice

Tapping into the audiovisual

Of course, a campaign about sound required a thoughtful focus on the sonic side of the creative as well. From bespoke textural soundscapes to intricate samples, we ensured that this campaign wasn’t just a visual experience — but one that could resonate in an audiovisual way.

The Impact:

By tapping into a universal truth, the campaign is built to grow with the company for the foreseeable future.

Building a scalable, intentional toolkit

We provided our partners at Splice with a robust toolkit, specifically designed for the campaign platform to continue to grow and scale with Splice’s future—and ultimately inspire many, many musicians to find their sound.

Our Roles


  • Integrated Marketing Strategy
  • UX Strategy
  • Launch Planning
  • Content Strategy
  • Audience Research


  • UX Design
  • Art Direction
  • Visual Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Motion Design


  • Copywriting
  • Motion Video Direction
  • Motion Video Production
  • Asset Sourcing & Curation
  • Post Production
  • Sound Design
  • Music Production

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