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Conversations on Twitter are raw and real. Over the last five years, their product has evolved to serve the public conversation — embracing the nuance and fluidity of our changing world. The Twitter brand launched 5 years ago didn’t reflect the complexity, fluidity and power of the conversations today. They set out to build a new creative system for this iconic brand that’s complex and imperfect by design. For over a year, we partnered to develop this new brand expression in digital that reflects who they are today.

Radical Collaboration

When Twitter came to us, their new brand identity (created by Irradié) was still in conceptual development, with inspiring hints as to how it might come to life in marketing. We partnered with Twitter’s brand team, as well as several other agencies focusing on out-of-home marketing and product applications.

Our experience working at the intersection of technology, product design, and branding allowed us to pressure test how this complex brand would come to life across Twitter’s 37 websites. Because our developers work alongside designers throughout our entire process, we can take a brand identity and flex it into circumstances not traditionally tested at an identity’s creation.

Our Role

Very quickly we set out to define a new digital expression through prototyping and iteration. We did this by embedding ourselves within the Twitter team, and openly sharing our process with them. Throughout 2020, this meant meeting together in Figma, ongoing Slack conversations, and lots of video calls.

Working this way together, we were able to both update Twitter’s current web design system and build new dynamic components that bring the brand to life in unexpected ways.

Tweets are the Point

We evolved Twitter’s existing design library to introduce new components that could express the energy and excitement of the brand in a functional and accessible system. Our engineers dove into creative prototyping to determine how to bring the more textural elements of the brand to life in code. Our designers and engineers further collaborated to build out their web design system—from branded Tweets, Twitter handles, and dynamic rips to accessible color pairings and a fluid type system for Chirp, their custom-created typeface.

Beyond the technical, our designers contributed art direction and image creation. After countless iterations, we helped translate an intricate, high-touch brand aesthetic into guidelines that would help designers create assets quickly, enable us to produce final assets for multiple sites, and give internal teams the resources they need to do the same.

Trust is Productive

Twitter embarked on a unique challenge when they decided to build a digital system for an unconventional brand identity. We were honored to be part of that journey; connecting the dots between the many partners and projects along the way. Because of the Twitter team’s transparency and trust, we were able to define the edges of their new brand and create an attainable system that anyone could pick up and run with. This scalable, accessible solution meets the needs of Twitter's ambitions to capture the nuance and messiness of the public conversation.

Twitter is  what’s happening  and what people are  talking about  right now.  Twitter is  what’s happening  and what people are  talking about  right now.


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