X aims to improve the lives of billions of people by inventing and building technologies that address some of the world’s biggest problems. Instrument created an innovative website for X to thoughtfully express their brand, projects, and mission.

Embracing the X process

We shared with X a wide range of initial concepts for the website, from the expected to the experimental, that addressed both internal goals and the demands of engaging a discerning, expert audience. Early on, we embraced X’s process and posed pointed questions about who they are and what they want the world to understand about them.

Emphasizing collaboration

X brought their talented team, with their range of expertise, to be deeply involved and thoughtfully vocal in all project stages, which aligned well with our integrated, multi-disciplinary team. We collaborated at every step, through weekly work sessions, active copy discussions, and work-in-progress sharing and conversations. The X team was enthusiastic and willing to be open and introspective, which allowed us to push boundaries and add unexpected interactive magic—while keeping the content simple, clear, and accurate.

An early prototype of Google Glass.

Translating the technology

The projects at X are technical but X still aims to reach a wide range of people across the globe. In order to translate their technology and goals to the spectrum of site visitors, we became researchers, translators, and investigators to understand the science behind X's complex, forward-thinking innovations, such as kites that harness energy, flying balloons that deliver the internet, and cars that drive themselves. We went deep and analyzed their projects and history to pull out the most relevant content. We researched the science and translated the technology in a way that honors the many complexities.

A component from the website featuring a photo of a balloon flying over mountains. To the left of this, large messaging says "How can baloons deliver the Internet to rural and unconnected places? Explore Project Loon".

Partnering to create a better experience

We dug in deeply to be a true partner that synthesized nuanced brand and complex technical information to create a site that represents where X has been, where they are, and where they are going. Ultimately, we strengthened X’s brand identity by creating a focused, beautiful site that speaks to their incredible aspirations and work.

A collage of branding elements - color pallette, illustration, the logo, charts, typography, and photography.

Sharing the narrative of X, Alphabet's moonshot factory, has always been both an opportunity and a challenge. With a long history as a mostly secret organization we needed a creative partner that could help us see ourselves clearly, so we could share the X story with the world holistically. The website we created together has exceeded my expectations and the Instrument team has outdone their already incredible reputation.

Courtney HohneChief Storyteller for Moonshots

Our Roles


  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development


  • UX Strategy
  • Brand Strategy


  • Motion Design


  • Brand Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Art Direction
  • Accessibility Creative Direction
  • Creative Direction

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